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Self-improvement hypnosis app Mindset is featured as Apples' App of the Day and hits 12,000 users

Melbourne, Australia: Alex and Chris Naoumidis, 20-year-old brothers and students from Monash University, have had their newly launched self-improvement hypnosis app, Mindset, featured as Apple's App of the Day.

After launching 2 months ago, Mindset has grown to 12,000 users as well as being featured Apple's App of the Day and reaching the Top 10 Free Health and Fitness Free Apps in the UK.

Mindset app aims to improve your lifestyle by retraining unproductive thought patterns affecting your behavior.

The brothers came up with the concept after realising they were being held back by their mental habits. The idea? That hypnosis could be an effective method to retrain the thought patterns undermining your self-development.

Launching initially on Apple’s App Store, the app allows you to choose from sessions that best suit your self-improvement needs. Topics range from motivation, procrastination, sleep and confidence. The brothers plan to introduce new packs each month covering additional topics.

Each session involves closing your eyes and focusing on the voice of the hypnotherapist. They will talk you through a relaxation process, before guiding you to think about particular behaviors and scenarios. This helps you to retrain the attitudes and perceptions that influence how you think and act.

You start with a foundational course, which provides an overview of different hypnosis sessions before diving into more specific packs and sessions. To explore the entire library of packs and sessions, as well as extra features, you can sign up for a free trial or opt-in for a monthly subscription.

Hypnosis has for decades suffered from a negative cultural stigma, however, studies have shown it can effectively influence behaviour and cause distinct neural changes in the brain.

Hypnosis and meditation are often confused. “We think of meditation as cardio for the mind, where you become aware of your thoughts and surroundings over a period of time. Hypnosis is more like strength training, where you can influence your attitudes and perceptions in a relatively short order to improve specific areas” says Alex Naoumidis.

The brothers were last year accepted into Monash University’s esteemed accelerator program, The Generator, where they found the inspiration for Mindset. “Our aim is to replicate the runaway success of meditation apps like Headspace and Calm for hypnosis,” says Alex Naoumidis.

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